GAS History

Guildford Advice Services (GAS) developed from a multi-strand project funded by the Big Lottery through the Advice Services Transition Fund. 

There were seven core partners with Guildford Citizens Advice taking the lead


The aims of the Guildford Advice Services project were to promote collaboration between advice agencies in the Borough of Guildford, to improve access to quality advice for clients and to pilot new initiatives.

Key deliverables included; needs analysis, improving awareness of services available, demonstrating the value of services, providing networking opportunities, piloting new services (e.g. Advice in GPs surgeries), communications activities, training, local social policy activities and seeking new funding opportunities.

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Guildford Advice Services was one of over 220 Advice Services Transition Fund (ASTF) projects that took place across the country. A strong network developed across these projects which provided a wealth of learnings and ideas that GAS was able to tap into.